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x800GT or 6600GT

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Hmm.. can any one give idea on it. which card deal better peformance? x800GT 256MB DDR3 or 6600GT 128MB DDR3?
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X800GT does better for higher resolutions cause of the 256mb ram. The 6600GT has no advantage over the X800GT other than SM3 which really isn't put to good use yet.
Its not even close, the 6600GT is the same speed as the ati 9800pro, the X800GT is a MUCH faster Vcard.

Buy the X800GTO2 is you can, awsome overclocker

I see that x800GT is cheeper then 6600GT rite? how about gaming side? Is it same x800GT better?
Uh, I guess it is in Malaysia, but on newegg, the 6600gt is about $100, x800gt is about $150.
Ic.. then get x800GT is the rite choice... but.. i wish to play SLI T.T not enaugh $$
oh ya.. how bout x1600xt vs x800GT?
x800gt > 1600xt

I have the x800gt, I only got it because the gto2 and gto were both sold out >.<

But I'm happy with it, I play CoD2 on medium/high settings with fps from 35-90fps, depending on the map. I have the x850xtpe bios on here, but the pipelines are still locked.

If you can, definately pick up the gto2, it's the best deal goin right now.

EDIT: Just thought I'd throw in that I've also used the 6600gt in my computer, and the x800gt scores better in benchmarks. I also don't see much of a dif. in CoD2 with SM3, although the technology still isn't being put to use. Time will tell on the SM3 issue.

EDIT2: Try to grab the Sapphire version of whatever you get, they have better cooling than Sapphire and the others.
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Originally Posted by Progenicus

If you can, definately pick up the gto2, it's the best deal goin right now.

yeah.. i regret that i found out about the GTO2 right after i got my x850xtpe
could have saved alotta bucks there although the x850xtpe was on a ultra sale.. set down like 200$ or something..
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