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6800GS or X850XT??

x850xt Or 6800gs??

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Well until the G71 comes out i want a temp card. What to get the 6800gs and have the SM3 or x850xt and get more power while sacrficing the SM3?

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130265 (6800gs)

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814102505 (x850xt)
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the 6800GS support newer tech but the x850 got more power...
I am partial to nVidia, so go for the GS.
Its really a wash man.....the 6800gs is a great card and oc's rather well.....so does the x850xt....or you could get a x800gto2, flash it and get the same results as the x850xt...minus twenty bucks....whatever you do they are both two really good cards
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Hard to tell. Both are good cards. The GS will give you better pictures because of SM3, but the XT will be much faster. Depends on what you want. I will go with the XT.
of these two i'd pick the 6800gs, but you might want to go with the x800gto2 becuase you can flash it to xtpe
The X850XT IMO will be better than that card..you have to like the clocks though that card i mean it isnt exactly the newest card about.
it is rarely mentioned in the arguement for the 6800gs but sm3 and hdr, those two coveted technologies take alot of power to run which that card does not have (not saying it is bad just only mid range). so an already modest power advantage for the x850 becomes even larger when you try to run everything maxed out on that 6800gs which hs the supposed reason it is a better card. in this case since it just temporary i would say get the cheapest card you can, x800gto2 is a better choice imo.
That is what im thinking... that the shear power of the x850xt will be enough to dwindle the fact that it lacks SM3 (the only advantage the 6800gs has). The x800gto2 is the same price dont care about unlocking it plus im reading some are floating around that dont (my luck ill get that one). So for the temp card i think im just gonna stick with the x850xt
Unless someone can give me a link to one GUARANTEED to unlock and such??? What kind of overclocks and scores for the unlocked x800gto2?
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I would still definately reccomend the X850XT as its better than the X800GTO and i know form experience plus the GTO doesnt offer anything special anyway.
I also would vote for the x850xt. I used to run mine at 600/1266 with the stock cooler/paste and scored 7112 on 3DMark05.
If you are doing anything with linux I would get Nvidia due to better driver support (ATI has bad linux driver support). Otherwise the x850XT is better.
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