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XBMC shows nothing but white screen...

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...and scrolls "XBMC Media Center" horizontally across the bottom of the screen.

When I double click the XBMC icon on the desktop it shows the "XBMC" splash screen and then I see what looks like a brief view of waht XBMC may look like, and then it goes to white.

What the heck is this?

This is on a Sony PC with SIS650 shipset.
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wow. I had no idea of this software existance till now. After looking through it, I see that its still new and in the development stages. My only idea is to reinstall the software and use maybe older video drivers from 6 months ago. Maybe they developed the software in that timeframe. Please excuse me if my timing is off. It does appear to be a new product, but if it is not please disregard my ignorance.
In summary I like that software. I want to use it on my own Media PC. BTW. How hard would it for you to download the media lab software for the Thermaltake Bach system. Im useing it now on XP Pro and I love it.. It works great.
Actually, i was coming here to say I got it working. For some reason I installed drivers from 2002....I updated to the most recent video drivers and it works awesome now

Also, mediaportal might be another you may like.
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Have you tried using Boxee? It's another media center app that's built off of XBMC, but way better =)
Not windows compliant
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