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Xbox 360 DVD Drive ONLY

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I ONLY have the drive, no sata cable or power cable.

Its a xbox 360 dvd drive. Model:

Samsung TS-h943 ms28

H/W : 007
Ver A
August 2006

360 part number X800473-019

This drive can be used to replace existing defective drives.

The drive is in unknown condition.

I am unable to test it. Its mated 360 board suffered RRoD due to motherboard damage by an inexperienced 360 repair service. I have the motherboard that came with this, but all cables are gone.

So how much for the drive, USD including shipping please?

Also, if I offered to add in the motherboard + heatsinks (no xclamps, no screws, no fans, no chassis, board + heatsinks + drives) what should the difference be? I am willing to include the board for free, as I will be throwing it away otherwise, but need to cover added costs of shipping.
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For the drive only, I'd say about $15-20 shipped, if that. Those drives I don't think people want anymore because they're one of the first and worst drives in my experience. It would be possible for someone to get the drive key and flash it to their console so it still be of some use.

Not too sure with the motherboard and extra stuff. I'd say about $30 shipped at max if you through in the motherboard and stuff like that.

I think now you can get Lite-Ons on Xbox-Scene for around $30 shipped so that can give some indication.
20$ + Shipping (With the Boards and Junk) Maybe 40$ Shipped
Id go post over at Xbox scene , some one over there maybe able to use it.
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