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Xbox 360 on A PC 21" Flat Screen?

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Hi i was wondering whether I could hook my XBOX 360 into My PC screen...


1.)well i havnt bought one Yet but i wanted to because the price has really come down..
2.)I know You need A VGA HD Cable and stuff dont mind that...So i guess my Real question is "Can My PC Screen Support The Xbox 360 With The Cables..Because my TV is'nt That Big So My PC would Be Alot Better! Also Wat Info would you need to know if i wanted to also have sound?

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Here Are A few More!

please not: NOTE ALL OF THEM ARE relevant
Stop double posting.

Start searching. There are like five topics on this in the Xbox section alone!

I don't understand how you can't just search.

Get the VGA cable, it plugs directly into your VGA port on your PC. Turn the monitor on, and wow!

For audio you need a 3.5mm to RCA plug. Plus red and white of the VGA cable into the plug, plug the plug into your mic in port.

I love having to answer this question 50 times a week because nobody can search a small forum.
Why am I looking at many blurry pics of a crap monitor?

Anyway, follow what halifax1 said, you will have no problems,and stop double posting.
Searching is always a good thing, but hostility toward the original poster can be done without, in my opinion. Why don't we focus on effectively answering the OP's question instead?

the baker at jury lane:

First, buy a VGA cable for your Xbox 360. You can either buy the Offical Microsoft VGA cable, or you could go with this Psyclone VGA cable for a cheaper price but equal quality alternative.

Second, based on your setup and as suggested by halifax1, you will need a 3.5mm to RCA adapter (otherwise known as a 3.5mm Stereo Splitter). You'll want one that looks like this.

Lastly, you'll plug the red and white (RCA) plugs from the Xbox 360 VGA cable into the 3.5mm Stereo Splitter and can probably just leave it on there. When you want to play your Xbox 360, unplug your computer's speakers and plug it into that adapter (which should be attached to your Xbox 360 VGA cable now). Then unplug your computer's VGA cable from the back of your monitor, and plug your Xbox 360's VGA cable in. All that's left is to power on your 360 and start gaming.

Good luck, and have fun.
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The VGA cable comes with a rca to headphone splitter already, so all you will need to buy is the xbox VGA cable and you are all set

edit: you might want to get a female one like the post above^ if you have to connect the xbox directly to external speakers. You could plug the included one into the mic/line in port on the pc though and use that for audio(through the pc)
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Well my post got deleted! Good editing OP! Sorry everyone attacked you seems to be their way of teaching around these parts heh.

Pepsi posted the same link i would have tho.. Good luck with your 360 I love mine!
I have a westinghouse 19" 1440x900 LCD monitor w/ tuner, and i must say, the 360 looks AMAZING!! I set the VGA cables at 1920x1080 and myy monitor does the rest, and i cant see any stretching and the sharpness and clarity is amazing, while the colors are not as good, the resoltuion beats my plasma 10 fold!

to et sound, the VGS cables come with a red white to 3.5mm jack so you plug that into the back of your PC and the sound will come through your PC speakers

I know these pics arent of the same thing but here you go

PLASMA 1024x768 via VGA

19" LCD monitor
One addition, if you do not want to keep swapping your cables constantly, get a cheap KVM switch and only connect the Monitor cables.

PS. why are you using both DVI-D and VGA on your monitor and video card for the same monitor?
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