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Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter

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My roommate is trying to find out if there is a non-Xbox network adapter that will work with the 360 so he doesnt have to fork over the $100 (which is a lot IMO) to get on Xbox LIVE.

I saw there is a Linksys one but it's the same price, sometimes even more.

I doubt standard adapters will work since you need a specific driver but does anyone know if there are any that are cheaper.

I'll ask him if he wants to go the ebay route (which I think will be the best option) but he want to put it on his credit card so I know that wont help.

I'll keep looking but chime in if you know
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You should be able to use any wireless bridge that you want, I have a D-Link hooked up to my Xbox. I don't do Live, but I do stream movies and MP3s wirelessly to XBMC.

Bridges do cost a fair amount of money though, mine was $90 about 18 months ago. It's because they aren't huge in-demand items, so they aren't mass produced the way routers are. It really is silly that a 802.11g router costs half as much as a lousy bridge.
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