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xbox 360 xclamp fix 3 red lights flashing 2 mins turns to 2

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hello could anyone please help i,ve tried to fix my 360 with the xclamp fix kit after i had the e74 error i,ve followed the guide and when i get to switch it back on I get 3 red lights flashing for approx 2 minutes with the light on the psu green then it turns to 2 for about a minute then the light on the psu turns to orange is this correct or should 3 be flashing for longer will it overheat correctly in this short time. please could anyone help?
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The E74 error was audio/video related where the 3 red lights were overheating related. I've got a feeling you did the mod incorrectly and now it is overheating and experiencing an audio/video issue.
I do not know why you created another thread for this..

Honestly you've done more damage than you should have, which was none.

It's overheating too fast, which means you've damaged more parts of the motherboard, or else you've done the X-Clamp fix wrong. This is the second thread you've made of this when you could have bumped the other one.

You need to take the mod off once more, and possibly try it using a different guide. Whatever guide you're using obviously doesn't work or else you've just done it wrong.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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