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Hello all,

Welcome to OCN's new home at Xenforo.

Now that we have moved over, it is with no doubt that we are going to find issue,niggles and outright BUG's for squashing. In order to make the new site the best that it can be, we need YOU. Your reports of any issues is key to the stability and health of the site. When you find an issue/bug please report it to us in the Submit a Bug/Technical Issue Report section. Please do not post any feature requests.

When reporting please be as specific as possible in order to help us find and replicate the problem so we can move this up to the VS development team. We will need the following information.

Reproducibility: Were you able to reproduce this problem consistently?
Repro Steps: What steps did you take to reproduce this problem?
Expected: What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared?
Browser: Which browsers are you using ? What are your active browser addons? and What Operating system are you using ?
URL: Give us a link where the issue occurs.
Notes: Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue.

All bug reports that we can successfully replicate will be moved to the Confirmed Bugs/Technical Issues section by a member of staff. We will follow up with you in your report if we need further details etc.

When your confirmed bug has been deemed resolved, it will be moved by the staff to the Resolved Bugs/Technical Issues section.
We of course always appreciate the time taken to properly document a bug,its location,environment and its re-production. As such, as a small token of our appreciation all users who provide us with a unique and reproducible bug report will be awarded a badge that will show in your signature as soon as the Award system is up and running. The badge will look like this :

Further to this all those who provide a unique and viable bug report will also be awarded a 1 Year Premium Overclocked Account

Small print
The user award and 1 Year Premium Overclocked Account for bug finding will available for 30 days from the day of migration.
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