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XFX 5870 + 5850 CrossFire Review (OCC)

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XFX 5870 + 5850 CrossFire Review

After having tested and reviewing both the XFX HD 5850 and XFX HD 5870, it came time to make a review of the two in CrossFire. The amounts of shader processors are different between the two cards, as is the clock speeds between the two. With the XFX HD 5870 there are 1600 shader processors running at 850 MHz core speed and 1200 MHz memory speed. The XFX HD 5850 runs with 1440 shader processors with a 725 MHz core speed and 1000 MHz memory speed â€" both run 1GB of GDDR5. In the past mixed shader processor cards couldn’t be run in CrossFireX but with the 5-series things have changed somewhat â€" 5800 cards can be ran in CrossFire together but not in CrossFire with 5700’s. Continuing on with the similarities, both look the same except that in length the 5850’s are shorter with the power ports moved to the rear. Both also support DirectX 11 and software voltage modification for increasingly easy Overclocking capabilities.

Running these in CrossFire mode will give performance
that will be limited by the weaker 5850, but it will be interesting to see how well they scale together. Both will be overclocked in the end and tested again with a faster CPU overclock than normal to help shed some light on the true capabilities of the cards together.
Source: Overclockers Club Nov. 25, 2009
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Weird review.
No comparison with 5850 CF and/or 5870 CF.
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