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XFX 6800Ultra - VF700-Cu - high temps?

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I got the card XFX 6800Ultra (AGP 8x)

Stock @ 425MHz/1100MHz
Running @ 441MHz/1210MHz (24/7)

Idle temp: 56 degrees
Load temp: 86 degrees (running ATiTool for 10minutes)

I got the cooler Zalman VF700-Cu, I've had it for three months now, but I'm wondering how good it actually cools my card. Compared to stock cooling, I got higher idle temps with the VF700-Cu. And I cant get it overclocked any further than with stock cooling.

Could there be anything I've done wrong in the assembling?
Or isn't that cooler a that good cooler?

What's the best cooler I can get when it comes to overclocking the gaphic card? (Except from watercooling)
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the vf700 works amazing IF you have good airflow in your case to push the warm air out. If not you might be beter off with a Artic Silencer or a v1 ultra
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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