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XFX 8600GTS 512MB vid cards

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I have two of these exact video cards w/the original retail packaging and all the accessories they came with. They are hardy ever used and have not seen much use since owning them as I got my 9800's a month or two after getting these. I use my 9800GT's for the most part and the 8600GTS cards I'll use occasionally once a month for folding. The cards are just collecting dust Other then folding once a month. They look New still w/little to no scratches on them. I'm not expecting to get rich on these just looking for some extra cash for upgrades.

Thank you,

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Considering the price that used 8800gt and similar cards sell for Id have to say 35.00 each.
I sold my 8600GTS for $40 several months ago, so I would say $30 shipped each.
25-30 shipped
$35 is a fair price, I sold mine couple weeks ago. Went pretty fast, you might want to try to aim for 40$.
Thank you all for your feedback.
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