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XFX 9800GT + CoD4 + CoD5 $110 Shipped (after MIR)

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NOTE: This deal has been confirmed by XFX, newegg reviewers, and OCN's very own Blizzie

Here's the link to the deal:


According to the text at the top, you get CoD4 AND CoD5 for free when you purchase this card. I added it to cart and an nVidia OEM gift appears, but it's unclear if it's actually both games or not. The picture is of a single game, and the discount says $49.99, which is the price of just one game. If someone figures out if this deal is legit or not let us know! At the very least you get one of the games which is still a pretty good deal. But both games?! Amazing deal if you ask me.

I also sifted through the combo's and the deal is the same as if you just click the add to cart button without any combos. XFX offers a double lifetime warranty, so if you resell this card the lifetime warranty applies to them too.

EDIT: Ok, XFX confirmed that CoD4 is bundled in their box, which is why it's not pictured. They assured me it will come with both games if Newegg is also bundling CoD5, and now that Blizzie has confirmed it and the most recent review on newegg has confirmed it, I'd say this deal is CONFIRMED!
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It does come with both along with 3DMark Vantage. This deal has been posted multiple times.

I bought one, and here is the proof.
Doesn't have my name on it.. but I'm sure it'll do.

Edit: CoD4/Vantage is in the box. CoD5 will come taped to your video card box.
I do not think this would be a proper upgrade for me from my 8800GTS 640mb, otherwise I would have grabbed this right now lol
Yup, this deal appears to be legit, see my edit and the responses above!
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