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XFX GTX 260 Core 216 black eddition issue?

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ok so ive had this rig for 3 months or so and when playing games after I play for a long time im talking 1-3+ hours it crashes. and I can still hear sound for a bit but the screen either turns one color or multiple colors like red background with green and blue squiggly lines going all the way down. so here is my question any idea's on what it is? it likes to do it with L4d crysis CSS COD4 COD5. doesnt do it with GW or CS1.6 or CS CZ. also it does it after about 5 mins of rainbow 6 vegas...

I have under volted ram CPU NB and SB and still nothing. is it the card overheating or what? there are no anomalies in benches or anything so I cant think of it being sompthing else.
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sounds like the card might be overheating. what are your temperatures like? have you OCed the card?

did you run 3dmark06? are there artifacts ingame after a while?

use rivatuner to check the temps of the card
no artifacts in game only get maby 1 artifact or 2 moments before crash. and I did run 3dmark but im gona have to re install it and check it again. also temps apear to be normal useing GPU-Z. I have not overclocked the card but it comes pre oced. I will post back after I check it with rivia and 3dmark
ok so I had CPUZ log it and the last record before crash had the fan speed % at 54%

GPU temp @ 80C but it also says 72.8C so I dono ither way that is a little hot.
PCB is 60.8

any other idea's?

also I can really push it in crysis and get it to crash in under 5 mins. as well as L4d. spinning fast and takeing alot of dmg and blowing alot of stuff up in crysis does it.
I had the same exact problem except I was getting said crashes in GRID and Source engine games. XFX offered zero help (a week after contacting them) and told me to downclock the card to stock gtx 260 clocks (***!). It worked, but seriously, what's the point.

I had success for a while by overclocking the card further, but that overclock eventually became unstable as well in source games only.

My current solution is running factory overclock or higher overclock on all games except source games, where I run those games at stock gtx 260 clocks. I suspect the memory overclock is the most unstable clock so you may be able to get away with just turning that down a few notches (while even turning core clocks up!)

Really if you want a solution that will not require adjustments, you'll have to return to stock 260 clocks and overclock the card the old fashioned way. Black edition is a complete scam.
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i never had that kind of problem with mine. install EVGA precision the overclocking program. its the most simple program to underclock/overclock. and tell me what temps youre getting. open up your side panels. and try to play games with it.
I was thinking about underclocking it and then I thought well if there is a problem with the clock why did they OC it that mutch then sell it. oh well I got it for 225 =D I guess il have to underclock it then. is it a heat issue or a clock issue? I mean would turning core clock up make it worse?
RMA it. I had the same problem with my 9800GTX+. You can try to install different drivers but don't thnik that will help.
and great... its artifact's at launch of most games now. I just made a CSS server got in and had artifacts on a lot of the textures such as bullet holes or bombsite sprays. and the particle effect from bullets is messed up too.
ok so it is not a heat issue. busted the fan up to 100% and ran crysis for 30ish mins then it crashed again. was at 72C last I saw. any idea's on what clock to try first gona underclock it.
ok all clocks to stock 260 did not help at all. it still crashed not even 30 mins in to dead space this time... and about 45 mins for crysis.
been having the same issues with my 260
using EVGA Precision to control the fan @ 80
but still get crashing after about an hour ish on all my steam games.

ok i'm running win7 beta(yes i know its a beta) with vista driver now as i thought the win7 ones where the cause of the crashes.

only overclocked the card a small amount and my cpu has been stable @ 3.2
even tried running at stock settings.
drivers are all up to date.
constantly looking for answers to the crashing as well....

3D Mark & Vantage all run fine...
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What the hell is it with these xfx black threads? I piggy backed a different one that appears to have gone into the ether, just like this one. If there's no "resolution" fine, but what the hell happened to the people who were having these problems?
bump? no? Maybe I should pursue this in a crysis thread then.
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