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Trendy here, selling my stuff.

XFX HD 7950 Double D w/ Warranty - $250 shipped Sold to aznpersuazn pending shipping

Check the link for card specs. It's on the 7970 PCB (meaning it uses 8-pin/6-pin for power). Also has two DVI ports (the reason I purchased it). The card comes in the original box. I'll transfer the warranty on the card to the purchaser.

Shipping will be USPS Ground Shipping w/ Confirmation number. If you'd like it quicker, you can pay the difference between ground and priority/overnight. Due to my work schedule, I'm only able to ship items between Tuesday-Friday. Just in case you purchase on a weekend, Mondays are bad for me, haha!

Payments will be PayPal, Amazon, or cash for local buyers (-$5 off purchase price for local).


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PM sent.
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