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XFX monitor stand question

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Can the XFX monitor stand help to overlap the screens so that i can hide the thick bezel of the left and right screen behind the middle screen?
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I don't think it will
Unless your able to shift the point where the Monitors are mounted on the stand.

For the stand itself it seems that the movement there would only be forwards and backwards on the side.
Ok, cause now i have tripple screen with "their own feet" and have hidden the bezel of the left and right behind the middle, to get a better surround experience, but that wont do good if not the xfx stand can do the same :/
For now i have my screens duct taped to the table leaning into the wall and the middle screen now is resting on the 2 side screens. It works great, but wouldn't if i was going to the gathering with them :S

That was right before i added the duct tapes. I have accidentally deleted the pictures with duct tapes, and now currently, the screens are back to landscape mode untill i get my 3'rd and fourth screen back.
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I was having a hard time visualizing it yesterday. but I see it now.

I'd be a little scared of the screens falling forward, but with the ducktape and leaning the back a little that probably keeps them stable as long as you don't move them
Yep, and the "neck" of the 2 left sscreens holds eachothers so i only had to duckt tape the smallest one to the wall, then the other screens held eachother
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