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Hi I'm limited on overclocks since the card won't boot to windows at 1.225v... Only 1.200v which allows max in game of 1,250Mhz core clock.

These AMD cards are thermally limited by lack of cooling to ram and voltage regulators so I added heatsinks to the vregs, but memory is too close to heatsink... need 3 to 4mm max height heatsinks.

Also limited by core contact and pressure. So I wet sanded the mounting pegs down several thousandths, while replacing the screws to increase pressure I tightened all the way down with tiny pcb flex. Also used Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 on the core. Temps went from high 60s to high 70s in game to struggling to hit 60C, load usually max 58C and once off load instantly in a split second drops to 35C. Minimum idle in high ambient temperature room have seen 28C.

If I could get 1.225v, I could probably get 1,300Mhz in game stable or more... Right now seeing 40 Gigapixels and 80 Gigatexels at 1250mhz core.

The card now at TDP of 999w (Actual TDP is Way Less probably no more than 170w) and 1.200v allows max 1,380Mhz core without continuous driver crash. Though 1,355Mhz to 1,365Mhz is capable of completing Compute tasks like Luxmark 3.0 hotel.

Card has some voltage regulators missing from the PCB, there are only 9 regulators on board and about 8 are missing...

Maybe it needs the full array of regulators to support 1.225v? Possibly the second 6-pin pcie power as well...

I may try and look up the regulators and order the ones I need, and remove the 6-pin from a bad card and get 1.225v... Where do I order voltage regulators? They are tiny so I'll have to determine the model & type.. I could use some help finding them if anyone knows where?


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