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I have 2 XFX 290x Double Dissipation GPU Cards that have been barely used on CrossfireX. Ive been using them on my 4k setup.I think they have lifetime warranty and never have been used for mining. Barely used for more than 10 hrs. I just dont have the time to game as much as Id like. but still would like to upgrade to a couple 295X so these will have to go. Anyone in gaming knows all is all about upgrading... These is pretty much IT when it comes to GAMING. A couple of absolute GAMING BEASTS. Im selling each for $275 or both for $550. TEXT IS BEST. Text Jared at 801-833-8884.

I was going to see if he would do one care for $200-250 in that range. he might not be that flexible, but it is hard to sell graphics cards locally.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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