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Hi there,

So far my experience with XFX has sucked. I live in the UK and ordered the XFX TS 650W - it arrived but is labelled with a serial number of the XFX Core, so I spent half the morning trying to work out if it was an error (as all the packaging said TS) or whether I needed a replacement. After counting the connectors, it seemed to match with the TS so I'm hoping it's just a mis-print on the label.

Now I'm about ready to plug it in. Except the power cable supplied is a European 2-pin plug, so I don't think it won't work in the UK sockets. This is bought from a UK distributor. FFS.

Anyway. I have another cable that will physically fit the PSU, but before plugging it in I wanted to check it would actually work and be safe, as I am not knowledgable in this area.

The power cable that came with the PSU has this written on the plug:

16 / 250

... and on the part that connects to the PSU, it says:

10A 250V~

On my spare cable, on the plug is written:

13A 3A
10A 5A

... and on the part that connects to the PSU, it says:

250 F

Any advice? Thanks...

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Yes you can use any cable that fits unless its very worn or super thin and crappy, and yes XFX has done it again with messing up their own serial numbers
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