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xiggy question

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Im about to lap it i was wondering what other mods there are, and details on how to do them :3 thanks
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Aside from lapping, you can also:
1) purchase a bolt through kit
2) invest into a 120x38 fan
3) use a 120x25 with the stock fan for push/pull
3) usse high end TIM like OCZ Freeze or better yet, ICD
Be careful lapping any of the HDT heatsinks. They're already machined pretty thin at the factory. If you're going for anything more than just improving surface finish, you run the risk of sanding through the heatpipes.

Definitely get the bolt-thru kit. Push pins suck.

I haven't seen anyone talk about this on the Xiggy, but I think ducting would help.
Be VERY careful lapping the exposed heatpipes. I saw someone try to lap their Vendetta 2, and the heatpipes were kinda thin, so this happened


The thickness is also the same on the Xigmatek coolers. Plus, if you get it to be really smooth, it will only decrease temps by about 3-4 degrees on load.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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