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XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120MM Rifle Cooler

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Just mentioning cause lots of people don't read the online deals section...but newegg has MIR on this item at the moment..

31.99-10 MIR = 21.99 and free shipping...

If anybody needs a cooler I suggest picking one of these up for next to nothing.


Valid til the 30th. I picked one up myself its just so cheap...I run 55C on my stock intel hsf...this should drop my temps even lower haha
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Yeah good deal. Couple days ago it was as cheap as $14 so I was reading in one of the deal threads.

You will most definitely see a difference with that cooler compared to stock.
yeah only reason I didn't buy it was had to buy the bracket for 7 but now with a 10 dollar MIR...its worth it cause now you get the bracket for free basically and also get 3 dollars off
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Awesome deal! Way cheaper than microcenter!
hopefully it'll barely clear my side exhaust fan or else I will have to modify the position a bit.
Diffidently worth the buy.
Because of this thread I hate this cooler even more, thank you. ifyoubelieveme...
Just a word of warning, I bought this same CPU cooler a couple of months ago and they had a $15 rebate I think. I still have not heard from the rebate company or Xigmatek, and I have heard people who never got their rebate at all. Anyway I bought it from Newegg and as a last resort I will bring the issue to them and hopefully they will resolve it, as they had with a similar situation I had before.

This CPU cooler rocks though, I love it!

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hopefully it'll barely clear my side exhaust fan or else I will have to modify the position a bit.

Mine sits horizontally and I have a 38mm Ultra Kaze and I had to saw off part of my side fan for it to fit. Works like a charm though at 3.3 with 1.46 vcore my load is 53.
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