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Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Idling at 45-50C?

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I'm using Xigmatek's HDT-S1283 cooler on my Phenom X4 9850 BE, and I'm getting idle temps at 45-50C. I haven't tested load temps, but I'm sure it gets somewhere around 60C being that it idles at 50C. Is this normal being that I have horrible air-flow at the moment, and I'm using some old Thermalright compound? I have the fan blowing down towards my video card; is this the right direction for AMD setups? Thanks
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I had trouble with temps with your setup, try reseating the cpu and use some artic silver 5, make sure you do two small lines along the heatpipes and twist it a bit when on to make good contact and check it's on level. Over then that inprove your airflow, mine was not getting enough intake (p182) so I increased fan speed and opend doors on front temp dropped 15c! just by doing that. Tidy cables too. Mine was idleing around 51c when I first installed it and was going nuts, got it down to 32c eventually, just needs patience and trial and error. Keep us updated. Definatly change to as5 and get working on airflow!. Good luck.
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Thanks man. I have a fan controller on the way, so my front intake and rear exhaust fans are off atm. I'll order some AS5 or perhaps even some of that OCZ freeze stuff and reseat the cooler. I'm also going to try turning the heatsink so that the fan is blowing up, towards my PSU.
Have you got top outake and back outtake?, thing with this cooler is it mounts so the heat rises and flows out top mostly, I have both top and back set to medium fan speed, also how fast is the fan running on your xig?. Since my problem I've also added a scythe front 5.25 bay cooler so direct front air onto the heatsink also. Im thinking lack of intake is where this cooler suffers, if there's no fresh cool air then it's just sitting using the old hot air. How the heatsink to the touch when stressed?, if its hot it's working.
What case are you using?
If your power supply is over your Xig, have the fan blow to a back exhaust. If you have a top exhaust directly over your Xig, have the fan blow up towards the exhaust.
This all assumes you have the case upright.
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I have a generic steel mid-tower case that I will have to replace eventually. It doesn't have a top fan slot, just a 120mm front intake and a 120mm back exhaust. I removed the side panel until I get my Scythe fan controller because my front and back fans are both off until it arrives. It's definitely tight inside this case, so the PSU and heatsink are close. Since it's an AMD setup I can only use the CPU fan vertically, not horizontally.

I reseated the heatsink with the same Thermalright compound and turned it around so that the fan is blowing up. I'll be using OCZ freeze when it comes in a couple days, but I just wanted to get a sense of which orientation would be better in my setup. Right now, with horrible air-flow, I'm idling in the high 30's. I'm not sure if it's the fan orientation or the re-application of the thermal paste, but it's running cooler than before.
The heatsink is warm to the touch, and I'm running the fan at ~1400rpm.

Here's some pics after re-seating:

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Yes, reseat it with very little compound. Make sure HSF is firmly on and clicked in. Putting pressure down on the CPU ,, gl,
I have that exact same cooler, it uses HDT (Heatpipe direct touch) technology, that has one flaw, the big gaps between the heatpipes. To solve this a good thermal paste is required.

For simple and probably the best non exotic paste chose OCZ Freeze, I used to use it a lot and it's really the cream of the crop.


Refer to the graph at the bottom of the page, IC Diamond 7 is not worth it and is overrated IMO. If you want the best CL Liquid Metal Pro is the way to go.
Move that wire that's over your heatsink, try and move it back more. Tbh it's proberly better if your xig blows the air out back instead of top as you have psu above it, I havnt got that(p182) so just a top fan. IMHO you need a better case with more room and good amount of fans(intake and outtake).
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