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Im going through a few driver sets... for some reason the only way I can get any auto sample rate changing is through WASAPI via foobar --> spdif passthrough.

If i do this, my receiver gets the correct sample rate of the audio track...Is there anyway to get this to work for analog as well ? The STX really just powers my AKG 701s alot better than my yamaha AVR and I would like to use the FP jack for everything except movies to my home theatre.

I have tried the obvious Wasapi: Speakers (Xonar STX) in the output settings, but no dice. Only accept manual sample rate via xonar CP. Anyone have any luck with this?

NOTE: ASIO will not auto sample rate change at all... and I would have expected that to work above all others.

I could have sworn they added this capability to the drivers back in like mid 2009
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