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XP 64Bit and Display Problem

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Hi all!!

I would like to have feedback on my problem if you all may help.

I was installing XP64 bit on my New M/c---AMD Athlon 3000+, ASUS K8V-MX Board with 512 MB ram, SATA 80 GB Seagate.

When I installed the drivers that came with the Board the Machine Rebooted and continued to Reboot repeatedly.

I then downloaded New Drivers from ASUS site for XP64 Bit and tried to install them after loading XP64 Bit FRESH (not the earlier install). But the Problem persists and the Machine continues rebooting repeatedly.

Now i have resorted to XP pro (not 64 BIT) and the machine works fine !!

Is there any problem with Mother Board / Windows / or Drivers ???

Any help in this regard will be great help.

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is this ur only operating system?

this is a VERY bugged OS that should only be dual booted because drivers and such are horrible for it...

partition a 10 gig spot on ur HDD and put 64 bit on that....

good luck with that!
I don't see any bugs... I'm running x64 Pro on my MSI Neo4-F and 3000+ Winchester, MSI 6600GT and gig of ram. It runs perfectly. Instead of using the Asus drivers, try using nVidia's online nForce4 drivers (assuming your board is NF4). I think they're updated more regularly.
Any suggestions how to find if my board is NF4 ????

I have a hunch it is not !!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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