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Xp ethernet contoller

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I'm working on a buddy comp, he just put a fresh copy of xp on his rig. but he doesn'y have any drivers. So i'm looking for a generic ethernet controler that he can use. He has a compaq desktop model # SR51210NX, I tried searching for a contol but could find any that are for download, most of the dl are no good. can please someone help me, point me in the right direction.
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Try finding out the name...

That model # is not valid.

thats the driver, but its 4 vista, and he put xp on it
if I dl it and install it will it work, ever tho its for vista
try these

It should work.

Worst case, it doesnt work... I'd try it.
ok so the oem driver didn't work because its vista, and not xp
Sweet, Thx Chief, now on to the audio
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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