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XP or Vista for my laptop?

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I currently have XP 32-bit on it, but with Vista 64-bit, I could take full advantage of the RAM and enjoy a better interface... Specs are here. By the way I already own Vista 64-bit too.
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My laptop, (specs in my signature) runs vista 32 fine so i'm sure yours will run it much better.
i dont think you have enough memory but i could be wrong. If you upgrade i would go with 64 bit vista

Edit : you do have enough memory i was reading the wrong section. Yes i would def go with 64 bit vista
It should be able to run Vista. My question, however, is this: Do you ever use 4GB of ram on your laptop?
vista 64 ftw. I love it.

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i dont think you have enough memory but i could be wrong. If you upgrade i would go with 64 bit vista

Hes got 4gb of ram, that's plenty for 64 bit vista...
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Go with the Vista 64 bit so you can take advantage of having 4 Gb of RAM.
I have had laptops similar to yours with XP 32 and my current laptop with Vista 32, which I plan to upgrade to 64 bit. Overall I think I would rather have xp on a laptop just because of boot times. Vista just takes longer when on the move, other than that you could upgrade if you really want to but you will loose some time booting even with the extra ram.
I ran Vista Ultimate 32-bit for 10 months, just moved to 64-bit, couldn't be happier!
Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I do gaming on this laptop, and that it's native resolution is 1680x1050, which means it might be a little too much with Vista and only 256MB of video RAM. At least I think so... But considering this, should I still go Vista?
Go with vista, you will be fine.
Alright I guess I'll install Vista on it whenever I can... So thanks guys!
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