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I once had a 7950GT and installed the now discontinued Swiftech MCW60 VGA block on it.

Now i'd like to install better cooling on my ATI 5770 other than the stockcooler using the XSPC X20 Block. (from watercooling uk)

I since got rid of the old 7950 + block to a friend, anyways we installed the Swiftech onto his 4870 (using the 4 screws though PCB)

My question to you all is, as the XSPC has slotted holes for fitting, and it was made to fit ati x1900 / veeda 7900 etc and knowing that the holes were the same on the 4870, whats the chances of the XSPC fitting the 5770? Looking at other third-party coolers, the 5770 has the same placement holes as the last series.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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