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Ok so my temps are stupidly high like 52c idel and 68c under load this is coz my cpu came out of a dell and now i have a new mobo,gfx card,case etc but not a new cpu. So the cooling was anything but standard i got this duct thing and a big Hs and an extractor fan so atm i got the duct rigged up with tie wraps! as my temps without it were reaching 80c under load!!!

Its a crappy Celeron D 2.66gz however i runs Bf2 fine even on high!. However i know that these temps arnt good and sometimes Bf2 goes all choppy i think this is due to my cpu overheating.

At first i was gonna get a Bigwater Se however after many forum posts i have determined that this is not a good way to go as everyone that i say it too seems to say that it sucks!

so i was lookin at this kit (£80)

Review- http://www.moddin.net/review.asp?ReviewID=195&PageNo=0

What do you guys think?

i have posted on loads of forums and so had the old "dude dont get a kit ,custom build it its cheaper and better" however its not as i cannot build it for the price of that kit!!

So if you could find parts for a better custom setup ( say 1/2 tubin) then that would be great i live in uk though and i only wanna spend £100


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That is a 'decent' little kit. However, the tubing is small, and the pump doesn't look that great. Look at that review that you posted: in the testing phase, you will notice that it performs very well at stock speeds of his testing cpu. However, when he overclocks, then it starts to loose some of it's capacity, meaning it can't handle the higher heat loads that a 'custom' built system can. Yet, you are using a Celeron, which usually don't run very hot (your temps seem way too high, IMO, maybe you should check the mounting of your heatsink?), so you might get some good results. Just don't expect that system to handle a highly overclocked Prescott above 3.8ghz or so.

Edit: and welcome to Overclock.net!!
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