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I've had my card for about two years now...randomly when I'm on the computer, esp from waking etc, but it's really just random, the sound will have this weird buzz\\static too it whenever a sound plays...the sound still plays, but with this very annoying buzzing\\staticy over-play, what's strange, it randomly comes and goes to....any ideas?

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Hmm, well I suppose it could be a driver issue (or at least, that's what I'm hoping). So with the hope of avoiding spending more money, let's try this:
  1. Install Driver Sweeper
  2. Download Daniel_K's famous X-Fi Support Pack 2.0
  3. Using the Programs and Features control panel, uninstall absolutely every little thing related to the sound card. Be careful not to miss a single thing.
  4. Reboot into Safe Mode (hold F8 right when Windows is about to begin loading, and then select Safe Mode once prompted)
  5. Once in Safe Mode, open Driver Sweeper
  6. Choose "Creative - Sound" (the other selections are just a part of Driver Sweeper's GUI and are not an indication of what it thinks is in your system)
  7. Click "Clean"
  8. Repeat (it will be necessary)
  9. Close Driver Sweeper
  10. Reboot back into Windows normally
  11. Install Daniel_K's X-Fi Support Pack 2.0 (install the entire thing just to make sure it goes smoothly)
  12. Reboot when finished
If the problem persists after this, then put the sound card in a different PCI slot if available.

Failing all of this, then I suppose it could be a physical hardware issue of some kind.
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