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XtremeMusic setting up multiple outputs.

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Hello guys I am trying to setup my sound card to support multiple outputs. I want my stereo and headphones to work at the same time. I have been messing with the control panel but alas I am stupid when software is involved LOL. So can anyone help me?

Also what wire do I need to connect the sound card to my stereo digitally? I am using regular RCA jacks right now.
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I remember reading on how to do this. You have to use ASIO4ALL to do that, but not sure how the procedure may be.

As far as connecting your stereo digitally, well the Flexijack supports digital out. Via digital coaxial or SPDIF.

You would need a 3.5MM to coaxial or a mini-toslink adapter or cable.
Ill try and help you out here, of the 4 jacks on the back of the card you want to use the 'multi purpose 3 in 1' jack which is closest to the PCI slot for digital out signal.

If you want to use both the mic and digital out at same time not possible to my knowledge. So you would have to unplug 1 plug other one in re-configure settings and go.

The software should support headphones/speakers and digital out at same time. I never used digital out so didn't bother with any settings.

Got the PSU in mail today and it works. Now i dont have to worry about toasting my backup ring if the old PSU were to die on me.
Uncheck both of those boxes and see if you can hear headphones and speakers at the same time........

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I already had both unchecked. I still cannot seem to get both to work. I like to have my headphones on all the time, but I also like to watch movies on my HDTV. I do not use the stereo all the time but I really do not want to have to switch jacks when I do. I have the mic plugged into the jack farthest from the PCI slot. Then I have my headphones in the next jack, and the HT system in the 3rd jack. With my old onboard when ever I plug something in a window would pop up asking what it is. If only creative had something like that.
He does not mod the driver itself so much as he modifies its installation script. The Daniel K 2.0 support pack installs wonderfully, and you can then update to the newest Creative Labs driver on top of that.

Jerry Mac
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