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Xtrfy Project4 ( Lightweight Ergo )

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they show it on some socialmedia channels and on their Website
Ultra-light construction
Unique, right-handed design
Pixart 3389 sensor
Xtrfy EZcord
Expected weight: ~ 65 g*
Estimated price: From 59 EUR / 59 USD

Split Button design , many holes in the shell , 20M Omrons, a lightweight flexible Cord, 100% PTFE Skatez with rounded Edges, 5 different Colouroptions ...
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I bought today Xtrfy M4 and compared it to Kone Pure Ultra:

Human Benchmark: Roccat KPU with zero debounce activated vs Xtrfy M4 result: Xtrfy is about 10ms faster.

Xtrfy M4 has better, lighter, still crispier clicks.Tbh they both have a little bit awkward shape but I personally don't have a problem with these. Xtrfy is bigger tho and KPU feels more natural for my grip because it is smaller. (my hand is 18cmx10cm)

Id say also that I prefer Xtrfy size/shape over Zowie EC2. Xtrfy has really good mouse skates straight out of the box.

Xtrfy build quality is a little better than KPU. Buttons are that good. No extra sounds or movement with buttons.

Overall rating for Xtrfy M4: 4.5/5. Id give 5/5 if it was smaller.
(btw I love these M4 buttons and clicks, best Ive tested with any mouse so far)
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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