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So I have figured it all out, I'm current folding with my two cards at about 4k ppd. I just have one question. Can my cpu fold some? I really don't know. When I use error 10's method, my cpu is completely used... Plus I really don't know where to check with FaHmon...
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If by error 10's method you mean his virtual applicance, then checking with fahmon is described in the first post of that thread. It should be able to utilize half of your CPU though.
You'll need to re-extract it to another folder and run two vmwares at the same time.
Awesome! You can use error10 and gpu fold, grab setpriority and set the core11 and core14 to above normal. Do a search it comes up in the forum, no cut and paste on this damn phone, sorry.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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