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Yep its offical sub-ambient temps on air!

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yea so my room was cold when I got home from school thanks to it being a basement and all, my room has its own baseboard and thermostat. Cranked my room temp from 60F to 70F bios booted cpu temp at 55F (room is @ 70F at this time) When all the booting was good and done my cpu was at its normal 66F
played bf2 for 4 hours the temp held steady 66F. I was like wow its 70F in here according to the thermostat and a digi temp monitor, so I was like (ODD) thinking speedfan is being a piece o poopy again stuck digi temp monitor between my FSC-50's fins it read 67.3... OOOOOOO sub ambient on air blasphemy!! (just wanted to share my experience /w u all.
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Originally Posted by Jori

As of right now, my CPU fan is my foot-cooler.

Or foot warmer when I'm playing my games Nice for early-morning gaming
. This room is can get like 25*F warmer than the rest of the house when I have a LAN party

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Foot... warmer INGENIUS those cold nights of gameing with near frostbitten toes is over... now all i need is a box to put my pelonis disk heater on so it dosent burn my house down and mod a longer switch.
Edit.. BTW windchill as in cooling the cpu alot with good fan power or cooling the temp monitor with cold air
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