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yet another 720 be problem

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Well, i recently got my 720 be and im trying to unlock the 4th core. Im not sure what bios i need to unlock the core. I am running the asus m4a79t deluxe. I tried 008 and 0705 bios but i could not boot windows all the way, it starts the windows load and never stops. Ya my core could just be unstable and im ok with that, but id like to try. Also, do i need to do anything but turn the acc on auto?
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hmm i'm not sure if can do that with that mobo . mostly are gigabytes and biostars.
Your motherboard must have the “Advanced Clock Calibration” option. DFI, Biostar, Asus and Gigabyte boards typically have this feature.
I heard for some reasons, it's limited to the gx's. You have an fx obviously.
Why unlock the 4th core? I see all these people doing it, but 90% of the time that 4th core has serious issues (which is why they're locked out!) and these people end up wondering why they have stability issues? Come on now... really, if i were you i wouldnt waste my time on it anymore. If people want 4 cores, they should really just get the real Phenom II x4... just for the fact that you wont have to deal with bsod's and loads of headaches to no avail. No extra core is worth putting the whole systems stability at stake.
i hope you didnt bought that cpu to unlock the 4th core
when i unlocked mine just for testing the temps are messed up and it over heated
so yeah
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nah i didn't buy it for the 4th core, i just wanted an am3 system for now. Im gonna upgrade to the fx when it comes out. It does have the acc feature, but i dont think im gonna worry about it. Im gonna wait till my cooling system comes in and just oc it. Thanks anyways guys.
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