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My current case (Silverstone LC17) is great and I love it but I am 99% sure the Tuniq T-120 is not going to fit with it. So I am looking for a new case. My main problem is that I rackmount my computers, then add in that most rack mount cases look like arse.

The case doesn't have to be rackmountable as long as I can fit it in the rack, so it can't be more than 19" high so when I lay it on its side to fit it in the rack. This is easy enough to work with but the real porblem comes in with the external drive bays. I don't like having my dvd-rom/burners being on their sides.

I am looking for something that will take 4 5.25 external bays and allow me to flip them so that the drives will be in the right position when I lay the case on its side. Losing a bay is not a big deal to me.

Being lazy, I really dont want to make this

Anyone know of anything like this?
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