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[youtube-global.blogspot] YouTube is going LIVE

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Today we're announcing the initial roll out of YouTube Live, which will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform for the first time. This begins with a new YouTube Live browse page (www.youtube.com/live), where you can always find the most compelling live events happening on YouTube and add events to your calendar. Subscribe to your favorite YouTube live-streaming partners to be notified of upcoming live streams on your customized homepage.

Today, we'll also start gradually rolling out our live streaming beta platform, which will allow certain YouTube partners with accounts in good standing to stream live content on YouTube.
At least the other live stream sites don't have thousands of ignorant users! Yet I'm sure youtube will have a better stream rate.
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Bye USTREAM and Justin.TV. This has just literally killed their business.
looks good
wonder how Justin.tv will fair against this
This has already happened. The IPL (Indian Premier League) has been screening live games on Youtube since last year for their league (basically Twenty20 format cricket = far more exciting than baseball).

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