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Zalman CNPS9500 Pegged All The Time

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I have a Zalman CNPS9500 CPU cooler and it ran fine up until now. Before at idle, regardless of the OC it idled at about 1600 - 1700 in speedfan. Now for some odd reason it is pegged at 2800 rpms all the time. I don't know whether it is because of the mobo or the fan. I reset bios to safe configuration and then bumped the FSB and took CPU voltage off auto and put it at 1.25v ; set memory timings and voltage and everything else is pretty much auto. Before this problem the settings where pretty much identical. The only changes to the computer was that I put in some 1000mhz memory from 800mhz. Any answers are much appreciated.

E8400 3.0ghz @ 3.5ghz 1.25v
GSkill DDR2 1000mhz
Antec Earthwatts 650w PSU
Seagate 160gb + 500gb
Zalman CNPS9500
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Yeah, just thumbing through the mobo book it has a "CPU Smart FAN Control" I am going to reboot real quick and check the settings and let you know the results
Mine's ALWAYS been near 2600, with no control over it AT ALL!

Unless is too noisy for ya, I wouldn't worry about it.
Yeah messed with the settings in BIOS, absolutely no change, still 2800+ rpms. It just seems weird that it would go from a variable fan to stuck on high all of the sudden
+1...best to leave the cpu fan running 100% 24/7 especially if the cpu is overclocked, unless of course its obnoxiously loud.
Well I have an Anted 300 and it has the 2 front 120mm fans going, top 140mm, rear 120mm, and plexiglass side panel w/ 120mm fan and I can hear it humming over all of those and they are set on low/med (Antec 3 speed fans)
Antec fans are not loud at all on low/med. You might just want to put some headphones on, crank that FSB and feed the need, for speed
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I'm not sure about the part where it was controlled before but I know the Zalmans typically have a 3-pin fan connector which will work just fine with a motherboard's 4-pin PWM CPU fan header. The only catch is that some motherboards will not control the fan unless it's PWM. My old IP35 Pro would control the fan regardless but two Asus RoG boards would not control a 3-pin fan at all so I was forced to use a single-channel fan controller in that situation.
The one I have is a 4 pin connector

I am just learning how to feed the need for sure, the thing with this is that I am selling it in a couple of days to a lady who runs a transcription service. She probably doesn't want to hear it sitting at her desk all day. After I sell this that's when I am going to feed the need: with a water cooled quad core!
Ahhhhhh, if that's the case, put the stock cooler back on before you sell it. Turn ALL Antec fans to low, then let her enjoy stock speeds.

Congrats on the Quad, Liquid Cooled, KICK_A$$ new PC
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Yep, very kick a$$, except for the price tag, that was a kick in the a$$
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