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Zalman VNF100

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Is there anything better than this for Price VS Performance VS Slot Size?

Don't wanna drop bank and realize it sucks.

Zalman VNF100 High Performance Fanless VGA Cooler
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eh... i would go for the vf1000 instead of that. just my opinion
Does it have to be fanless? You want dual slot right? Take a look at the Scythe Musashi


Its $50 free shipped but remember that Zalman without a fan is going to run MUCH hotter and is actually $38 because of no free shipping.
Okay, I'll look into that, but it seems to offer slightly similar cooling, and is not single slot.

Originally Posted by vuxdu View Post
Oo the scythe one looks like the Thermalright T-rad but with fans!

The T-rad has much more heatpipes and probably cools better. But as you mentioned it does not include fans or free shipping making the price flirt with the $65-$70 range.
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