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***!!! Zalman vs Big Typhoon??

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well here is the situation. I went from 50*c load with non lapped CPU and non-lapped Zalman 9500 with cheapo silver thermal paste. Switched to Lapped CPU, lapped Big Typhoon, Modded the Typhoon with Antec tri-cool fan(80CFM vs. stock 54CFM) and AS5. Load temps are 46-47 now. I should see a WAY better temp drop. I think maybe I put too much AS5 on.

It has not cured yet, but I should still have seen much better drops. what consistancy is AS5 supposed to be? I think mine might be too thick. It's so thick it is hard to spread a thin layer. Almost like it's a little dried out.


O.K. re-seated everything and same temps still. Are these seriously the right temps? Everyone said the Big Typhoon at stock was better than the Zalman! I even lapped everything and modded a better fan on the Typhoon! And only got a 4*c drop? I don't know what to do now. I think I might lap my Zalman and mod a bigger fan on that.
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Could go buy another tube and try have done the too much/too little dance before and 4c isn't bad should be more I guess did you change any thing else?
you use the 1/2 grain of rice thing for the AS5?
put a small drop of as5 on the cpu and as you push your heatsink down wiggle it side to side in an order to press the AS5 around as much as you can. It IS very very thick, pretty hard to spread around.
well since both ihs and hsf are lapped..i dont think you know how little as5 you need....you need VERY LITTLE...as5 can spread out like crazy..itll suprise you how little you can use and spread it out to cover the whole ihs...try a re seat and use a tiny tiny amount and allow like a week for it to cure and then see your load temps.
When you lap you have to remember you need to use way less thermal paste. Some people with lapped cpu's and heatsinks don't even use thermal paste.
Yeah, I put like 3\\4 of a BB in the middle. Clamped that BT down tight and gave it a wiggle. Same temps. The first time I used too much, it was squeezed out the sides a little when I took it off to re-seat. Still have the same temps though.

EDIT: The AS5 website says it can drop 2-5*c after burn in. If it does drop 4* I will be happy but I think most people say it does not actually drop at all. Any personal experience on this topic?
i got a lapped 3600+ and a lapped big typhoon. at 100% load and OCed to 3.0Ghz, i max out at about 50C. i use 1/3 to 1/2 grain As5.
What Vcore and ambient?
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