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Zalman7000 Fan Controller

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I just installed my Zalman 7000B, it came with a fan controller but I didnt install it, Is this ok? Will the fan just run at its highest speed?
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I didn't either. I set it to run full speed in bios at 25 degrees and on smart guardian it is at full speed.
what option is it in the bios to have it run at full speed?
Why not just leave it on and crank it to full just to be sure it's always at 100%?
usually if you dont use the fan controller, your fan will run at maximum speed. There are programs you can download that allow you to set certain temps and certain fan speeds. Try "speedfan" That's a popuar one.
Your bios might not have the options for fan speed controls, most bios's dont.
In the bios set fan to come on at 25 and set full speed also on 25 on the cpu, chipset and mosfet that way they all will run at full speed.
I don't understand all the hassle for different speeds.

Why can't you just run all the fans at full blast all the time?

Originally Posted by Peroxide

Why can't you just run all the fans at full blast all the time?

fans = noise. Some people dont want noise when the computer is on, and only want the fans to increase speed when the system is under load.
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That's why they invented headphones and music!

Thanks though, was wondering if there was any big reasons, other than noise.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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