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Zotac 9800gt vs Radeon 4850

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Zotac 9800gt vs Radeon 4850 witch would be better i have my gt f/s and bought the 4850 still waiting for it will it run games better even though i dont game yet,lol just some feedback,thanks
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Get the 9800 if you are going to fold (you should
) or if you casually game. Otherwise get the 4850.
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4850 all the way. It competes with the 9800GTX+
i love my 9800GT, does anything i need. but im biased cause ive had problems with Ati in the past. im sure the 4850 is a great card.
hands down the 4850. but get the 9800 too and throw it in another rig and fold it!! lol =)

Originally Posted by IntelConvert
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i love my 9800GT, does anything i need. but im biased cause ive had problems with Ati in the past. im sure the 4830 is a great card. let me look up some numbers...

4850..not 4830
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my bad, ill edit.
4850 stops the 9800, which is just a rebadged 8800.
The 9800GTX+ (55nm G92) is equivalent to a 4850.
ATi has great performance for price, even beating some of the more expensive nvidia "equivalent".

are u calling them equivalent due to price or what? just wondering.

i just had bad experience with ATi, hope u have better luck than i did if you choose to go with ATi, im thinking of putting an ATi in my girl's next upgrade, or a build for a friend and see how they do.

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A 4850 is better for gaming than a 9800gt.

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If your at 1440x900, get the 9800GT, its $99 on newegg and comes with call of duty world at war. Plus you can actually fold
my 9800GT does great at 1680x1050
As everyone's stated, the 4850 competes more directly with the 9800GTX+, not the 9800GT. Equivalent Ati for the 9800GT is the 4830, which costs less. Expected resolution for the 4830/9800GT is 1680x1050 whereas the 4850/9800GTX+ does ok at 1920x1080. If you fold, Nvidia is a clear winner. If not, its a matter of budget.
4850 no contest. 9800gt if you're only into folding.
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