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[Zune] 16gb/32gb Zune with Nvidia Design.

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Not a hot deal, but that design looks hella sick to me. Making me really want a ZuneHD. Idk if I want the Silver, black or blue. I didnt even know they came in other colors. What one you guys think I should grab? Oh yeah comes with a free month of Zune Pass.

Oh and Im kinda sad if I get this cus Im really thinking about going Ati.
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Yeah it looks pretty cool and its cheaper than the iPod Touch.
I got mine on the release date from Best Buy, just the standard Platinum 32GB. I love my Zune HD, I upgraded from an iPod Video, it felt nice to get away from iTunes. I am currently using the 14-day Zune Pass free trial, it's pretty cool, I just don't download enough music to justify paying monthly for it.
monthly payments? They make you buy a data service, if so that's why the ipod is doing a lot better. It's looks pretty cool my nano OG is probably going to kick it within a year so I need to start looking
Well its 15 a month if you want a zune pass which is unlimited songs every month. Or you can pay the 1 dollar per song like Itunes.

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Cheaper on newegg

Yes but does it have the Nvidia design? I said this wasnt a hot deal, but a cool deal. Plus lets you pick what colors you want. I think its worth the extra bucks.
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