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[ZZF] Corsair H50 $50 AR Free Ship

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Quite a bit cheaper then anywhere else at the moment for those interested. A warning incase you didnt notice, this model only includes mounting for LGA775 and 1366.


Includes mounting brackets for Intel LGA775 and LGA1366 socket motherboards. Brackets for AMD socket AM2 and AM3 motherboards are available for a nominal shipping and handling charge by contacting Corsair Technical Support.

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That looks like a great buy. Ship to Australia? Definitely Interested!
what's the difference between that and the H50-1?
It looks like the H50-1 just comes with updated mounting backplates to fit the 1156 socket. I believe that it actually does come with the AMD mounting bracket cause I have and H50 and it came with it. Although since it is a review model it could be different.
Ugh, was ready to order....then noticed no AMD bracket. Boo
i have an amd top bracket parts and the leftover screws if anyone is interested. im never gonna use them.
great deal. I own it. My cpu drop down to 13C. what a great cooler.
hmm, 48$ after bing 2% cash back! even cheaper!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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