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Amazing contrast ratio & colours

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Totally Dubbed
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Pros: Colours, contrast ratio, inputs, IPS panel

Cons: Changing inputs, stand

I bought this monitor after a lot of research - here's a thread I created on what the different LG IPS screens are:

I chose the IPS LED technology over the TN one, due to the better colours and the better viewing angle; although the viewing angle wasn't something that important to me.

At first I was worried about the response time of the panel, as websites had misleading information of it.
Long story short, after a call to LG, I found out the IPS234V, was the latest IPS panel they had, and it boasted an amazing 5ms response time.
This was great, especially considering ASUS's website, and customer service lacks so much, that I couldn't find out if their panels were IPS or not, and more so what their real response time was.

So I went ahead and got the IPS234V.
As soon as I got it in, the first thing I notice was how light it was. Super light.
Secondly, as other reviewers had pointed out on the internet, I found the stand to be a little weak and wobbly. It doesn't really matter if you mount this monitor, as it does have your standard VESA (75x75) mounts, and more so, doesn't matter if you got a sturdy desk, and don't move your monitor around much. Thus the stand is something to bear in mind, but that said, LG is known for having weak stands, even on their 42" TV's.

Anyway, now the image.
The image at first was nice, but not perfect, after several hours of tweaking and playing around I nailed the colour calibration with my PC and Xbox.

I have the LG connected via DVI to my PC, and via HDMI to my Xbox.

The image on this panel is absolutely amazing.
Pin-point clear, lovely colours, amazing real-life image like reproduction.
It put my 2yr old ASUS PW201 (LCD 8ms) to shame, and in its bed.

Overall, the image, the price and the overall reproduction of colours of the panel are simply outstanding.
The only thing that gets me each time, is the input selection.
If I were to switch off my Xbox, whilst having my PC on. The screen will start searching for the Xbox signal - instead of switching to my PC's connection.
Also, each time the screen refreshes, a little pop-up at the top right will come up, saying "DVI" for example. this includes when your PC boots up, with the screen going on/off between the bios screen and the boot-up - which could lead some people crazy, but I ignore it, and don't pay attention to it.

Anyway, great screen, does what it says on the tin, and runs BF3 both on Xbox and PC (60FPS) with no problems. Do bear in mind you WILL get tearing, if you don't have Vsync on, as usually the GPU will be stronger than your monitor.

Here's my settings for my screen (UPDATED in 2013):

Here's an unboxing and overview of the IPS234V:


Hey, thank you for the review, am building my new pc setup and am afraid to choose the right monitor, so after alot research i came to this post.
Now there is a newer model of the monitor the IPS235V-BN , also , have you noticed any ghosting now that u use it for a long time?
That is not a newer version (from my understanding with LG), as the IPS235V is in fact older, and furthermore is the 236V (they are working backwards with the numbering)

I should add that the 235V and 236V were said to have 15ms response times and NOT 5ms like the 234V.

As for ghosting, I game on it, and haven't noticed a single problem
Thank you again for your response and your awesome review, so i will get the IPS234V .
I didnt know about the backward thing, really looking forward for my new setup
I still have one question if you can help me with , is there any difference between IPS234V-PN and IPS234V ? or is it the same thing?
Pleasure mate!
And no, they are apparently the same thing according to LG - the PN or BN is just a product code released to resellers.

(I know all of this as I called LG, as I wasn't sure myself, at the time of my purchase)
Hmm, here is the IPS234V (5ms) and here is the IPS234V-PN(14ms gtg) =/
I want to buy the monitor from my local store , and it says (12ms)!! grrrr so maybe is there a difference and i shouldent buy the IPS234V-PN =/ (good low budget monitors are hard to find)
that's why I called LG - they said all IPS234's are 5ms, and I also informed them that the sites all give different, and wrong info - 12ms and 14ms.
Okay then , really thank you for you time and help, i just subbed you on youtube
Cheers buddy!
And no problem
i recently bought 3 of these for eyefinity, but when the screen has a black/dark picture it turns off automatically. any way to change that so it doesn't happen?
I don't have it turning off like that, but when there's no signal or when it is receiving a new signal it turns off.
For example whilst booting from the bios.
yeah its weird, lets say if i take a full screen black picture the monitor goes blank but as soon as any other color pops up the screen turns back on . im using an AMD 6950 graphics card.
I'm considering buying this new IPS234V but I MUST ask you this, HOW BAD IS THE BACKLIGHT BLEEDING ON THIS 4 SERIES?
I notice no backlight bleeding - put it that way
Hello, thanks for the review and 5 ms info, I have another question about panel, do you know does it have 6 bit+FRC or 8 bit color depth? I was looking at LG page and it says 16.7m colors but on premium models it says 8bit, 16.7M (True)
No idea how to check that w2 - if you want me to check somehow, let me know
I contacted LG through chat support but they sad they can't answer because it is not a general inquiry. I don't know any other way to be certain, on the panel info I found online on most of the panes for other LG monitors it says what depth it is except for this one (it just says 16.7M colors) I did some color tests and it looks like it is 6bit+FRC but I'm not 100% sure
Saw your review on Youtube when searching for info on this monitor. You say you called LG and they said it was 5ms response time? Did they say the website info was incorrect then? http://www.lg.com/us/commercial/lcd-computer-monitors/lg-IPS234V-PN
I called LG UK, and they said it was 5ms - on LG UK's website it is 5ms, on their database it is 5ms too.
Wouldn't make sense if the newer IPS screens that LG made were EXACTLY the same as the old ones (ie the IPS235/6V) - thus the ms on that LG USA site is most probably wrong - give them a call see what that's all about.
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