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In basic terms, LLC is doing nothing but creating a false impression that your CPU is stable at 1.3375V (offset -0.0125V). Here is why:

It appears your CPU requires 1.312v when all your cores are stressed. You have two options to reach 1.312v while stressing all cores.

1. You can either turn on LLC to level 3, or

2. You can just raise your normal voltage until you account for the vDroop and get the median volts while stressing all cores to 1.312v.

Either ways you are feeding 1.312v to your cores when everything is stressed. Now for bragging purposes or e-peen, it may be nice to state that your CPU is stable at 1.3375V (offset -0.0125V) using LLC Level 3, rather than admitting you had to increase it another 0.043 or so.

However, there are dangers associated with using LLC. LLC can cause a huge spike above and beyond what you set your volts to. You can read about them here:

Ultimately, you have two choices. You can use 1.3375V (offset -0.0125V) at LLC Level 3 to brag how you reached your O/Ced speeds at that low voltage, or you can disable LLC and raise your offset 0.043 or whatever it requires and avoid the potential dangers. In the end, your CPU uses and needs the same amount of voltage. The choice is yours.

Thank you! To be clear, I didn't mean to brag at all. Just want to make sure I understand the basics of LLC since I'm using my machine 24/7 and I intend it to last. In sum, we have no control over the peak voltage when using LLC, even if Auto means running with slightly higher voltage when not needed.

I'll read up on the articles you posted, +rep. Thanks again!